Damn, Warner Bros., where were you with these film announcements like, five years ago?! Hot on the heels of the news the Justice League movie is still happening, they’ve un-shelved the Wonder Woman movie, too! The co-writer of Green Lantern, Michael Goldenberg has been hired to script a movie for the often forgotten Amazon.

First, let me celebrate the fact that DC remembered they had an ultra-prominent, female super hero who often was left sitting on the sidelines as Green Lantern, The Flash, and countless other super heroes got to play. Second, seriously, one of the guys who gave us Green Lantern, with his weird, sinewy suit and lackluster portrayal by Deadpool – I mean, Ryan Reynolds, is who they’ve chosen to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen? Really!?! Ugh, I’m afraid this will blow.

But there’s still hope! You remember a while back Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive) expressed great interest in directing a Wonder Woman movie with Christina Hendricks to star. I believe there was a consensus from the internet this would kick ass. The only hiccup being Refn felt his remake of Logan’s Run needed to be a success before WB would even consider talking to him about it. Hmm, where did I hear about Logan’s Run just earlier today? Oh yeah! Will Beall is writing that, and oh wait, he’s also now writing the Justice League script. I think I’m starting to see a connection. Or more likely I’m just grasping at straws hoping DC and WB don’t fuck up this Wonder Woman movie.

The Green Lantern movie already, unfortunately, happened. We know a Flash movie written by Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green with Greg Berlanti directing is happening, Now news of a Wonder Woman movie. Is this the beginning of WB building the universe for their Justice League movie?

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