About a month back we reported on a very nasty rumor, the greatest Marvel cartoon of recent memory – okay, maybe that’s only my opinion, but it’s a great cartoon no matter what! – The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was going to be cancelled to make way for a new Avengers cartoon. I know, what the fuck, right?!

Here’s the worst part, it’s true.  Today Marvel officially announced EMH is dead,

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes won’t be renewed for the 3rd Season. Marvel Animation will present their newly developed series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble in 2013.

Even though we had been tipped to this disappointing news earlier, I’m still seriously bummed. EMH was a phenomenal show and true gem among what have been mostly lackluster Marvel ‘toons. The decision to cancel EMH and create a new Avengers show is most likely linked to Jeff Loeb becoming head of Marvel Animation as well as Marvel wanting clear out any projects left over from their pre-Disney days.

Man, in a day where I learn a Wonder Woman movie might really happen one of my favorite super hero cartoons get’s axed. Guess you gotta take the good with bad.

Above is a piece of promotional art for Avengers Assemble released with the notice. As you can see the lineup is basically the movie cast with the addition of the Falcon. This ties in nicely with the rumors the Falcon also appearing in Captain America 2. Well, what d’ya think? If this is the art style it doesn’t look very cartoon-y to me, but this could be something they just whipped together for the press announcement.

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