In 1982, a group of fanboys went out into the Arizona desert to visit the set of a film called Blue Harvest. They suspected that the name of the film was code for something entire different and completely awesome, and they were not disappointed.

Although the story is fairly well-known, what wasn’t known is that one of the fans, Jeff Broz, had in his pants an 8mm camera. Now, the soundless, gritty footage from the day’s excursion has made its way to the internet. It’s a fascinating behind the scenes look at the making of Jedi‘s Sail Barge action sequence including some cool shots of Boba Fett all wired up and Mark Hamill (or a stunt double) kicking ass with lightsaber in hand on the main deck.

It is, indeed, very cool to see this material. It would have been awesome to see it on the recent Blu-ray release, but still… Get ready to fangasm:

Source: Blastr

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