I believe we all agree The Hulk from The Avengers was the greatest representation of The Hulk on film, ever. It’s almost wholly due to Mark Ruffalo‘s performance, including motion capture, and the incredible animators who really brought out his mean side. Their Hulk was perfect.

Now find out why. In the video below you’ll go behind the scenes of their Hulk creation process. It’s pretty in depth, but hey, it paid off nicely, didn’t it?

I hope this is some indication of what we’ll be seeing special features-wise when The Avengers releases on DVD/Blu-ray.

All right, now this is sort of related, soooo do you want to see Tom Hiddleston, AKA Loki, talk about Jurassic Park and then do a velociraptor impression? Sure ya do!

Hearing Hiddleston talk about Jurassic Park with such reverence only makes me want to watch that flick again soon. It really is the best. And how about getting Hiddleston cast if they ever try and make another Jurassic Park, his raptor’s pretty darn good.

Sources: /Film, The Mary Sue

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