Each and every week we scour the internet for nothing but the best in nerd based art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every net based nook and cranny. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly Nerd Art Dumps.

ABOVE: CAT FIGHT! Or… I suppose Bat fight. It a battle of the Gotham’s extended Batman family as Batgirl takes on Batwoman in what looks to be the beginning of an all out slug-fest. While artists Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes have created an awesome melee between these heroines, it could use a little more tickling for my tastes. [Nickel Double]

Hit the jump for a Disney dresses, Doctor Who’s tandem bike and MOAR!

On a bicycle built for eleven-Eleven time traveling doctors that is. And while only the ninth doctor is pedaling the entire damn thing the other Doctors seem to be having a great time. To I smell a ‘Time Bike’ spin-off series? [The Mary Sue]

Created in tandem by Sara Pichelli and Christina Strain, this very sexy group shot featuring Marvel‘s Black Cat, Scarlet Witch, Enchantress and Medusa is astounding. Sure, each one of these fine and crafty ladies could rob you faster then you can say “burlesque”, but man it would be totally worth it. [Comics Alliance]

Who’s the baddest bounty hunter in all the galaxy? Cue all the ladies shouting the name of Bobba Fett cause if you say anything other then that it’s off to the Sarlacc pit for you. Created by digital artist Kai Lim, Kai shows off why Bobba is the baddest mother in the Star Wars universe unlike that baby Han Solo. [Cool Vibe]

We all wanted to be superheroes when we were younger, but artist Andy Fairhurst shows us what it would have been like with “When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…”, fit in the hero where you may. Featuring the silhouettes of little kids as their favorite superheros, included Batman, Captain America, and Superman reminds us of what it was like to be a kid – before the soul crushing reality of adulthood sets in. [Geek Tyrant]

Giving a more realistic style to the princesses of Disney past, Deviant artist Shoomlah updated their look to fit the era of their location. From the look of Mulan and her ancient Chinese look to the style and sophistication of the flapper dress of Princess and the Frog‘s Tiana. Shoomlah has plenty of other fine work as well, be sure to see for yourself. [Deviant Art]

I’m  guessing someone sold his soul for the artistic talent of Adam Hughes here. Deviant artist Mark Brooks has made the perfectly magical Zatanna fit for any Vegas magic show. Created as part of DC Comics Versus card game the talented magician scores high with her slight of hand and dress. Wonder where she’s hiding the wand? [Deviant Art]

It’s no lie that in the Avengers, the scene where Loki just gets absolutely destroyed by Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk people cheered like there was no tomorrow. (spoiler alert) So artist raultrevino decided to put his own spin on the God smashing scene while still keeping the Hulk insane looking.  [Geek Tyrant]

Created using 3D Studio Max and touchups in mudbox, topogun and photoshop, digital artist sgthk created this amazing Iron Maiden armor just in case Tony ever needs Pepper to don the suit. Granted, Tony may already have a suit ready just in case, but saying it has a giant chest to store the “batteries” is going to be a bullshit excuse. [Obvious Winner]

Dan Luvisi his mastery over digital art with this Spider-Man and Venom piece. Knowing that Venom is the only rogue that isn’t picked up by Spidey’s spider sense this moment would be absolutely pant soaking, if it was ever real. Dan can somehow make anything look photo-realistic, almost to the point to where your scared to reach out and touch them. Check out more of Dan’s work in the link and be amazed. [Dan Luvisi]

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