Remember that odd Micheal Fassbender is a robot reality bending meta buzzword buzzword viral video for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus? The weird little commercial that made you almost believe that you could buy a Fassbender of your very own? Well The Soup did their own parody of it, and really shows off afar superior product.

Honestly, if you could buy your own booze fueled clip show hosting robot, wouldn’t you? I would, and I am not even taking into account the huge man crush I have been carrying for Joel McHale for all these years. Why, if I this was real I would get a third mortgage to pay for a Joel-bot, and we’d hang out and have adventures and share our secrets and it would totally be a way more fun than the restraining orders I keep getting from the real one.

Hey look, the video is up after the jump!

Source: Topless Robot

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