Earlier this year Community had an episode near and dear to this gamer’s heart. It was called “Digital Estate Planning” and involved Pierce trying to win his father’s inheritance through an insane 8-bit video game called Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne. The game was cliched and awesome (maybe a little bit racist – okay, it was over the top racist!), and I think everyone who saw the episode wished it was real game.

Thank you internet, and specifically Reddit, for making dreams come true. Redditor Derferman has created a playable version of the game you can download and try out right now! It’s only a few levels of hopping around on hippies but more will be coming soon. Derferman is also including alternate skins of characters like Batman Abed, Constable Reggie from Inspector Spacetime, Captain Kirk Pierce (seen above), The Pillowman, and Hulk Jeff Winger which should make fans really, really happy. You can help contribute ideas over at the Hawtkhorne Reddit group, where someone’s already suggested an 8-bit ABBA soundtrack, right from the Dean’s playlist. Oh! I’m gonna suggest they include the Dean’s voice memos, too. For authenticity.

If you download it let us know what you think!

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