Plot Details Revealed About ‘Eastern Promises 2’

Director David Cronenberg is enjoying some decent hype from his new film Cosmopolis, which opens this weekend across Canada, and opens in the U.S. at the end of the summer. But how about a sequel to one of his more recent hits?

Vulture is reporting that the scripting process is underway for a sequel to Eastern Promises, the 2007 film starring Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts and Vincent Cassel about the Russian mob in London, England. Steven Knight, author of the first movie’s script is penning the sequel and Cassel is in negotiations to join the burgeoning production along with Mortensen. Here’s what Vulture has to say about the film’s direction:

…with the incompetent underboss Kirill (Cassel) thinking that he and his henchman driver Nikolai (Mortensen) really have inherited the throne from his crime-lord father, without knowing that Nikolai is actually a clandestine agent working undercover in Russia’s federal security service.

It’s unknown if Cronenberg will be behind the camera again. He’s previously expressed interest, but with Maps to the Stars starring Cosmopolis leading man Robert Pattinson in development, as well as a TV pilot and a recurring role on Sy-Fy’s Rewind in the works, the question may not be a matter of interest, but a matter of time for the legendary filmmaker.

More news as it develops….

Source: /Film

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