Word on the street is that Universal Pictures was so enamored with Snow White and the Huntsman that they started the ball rolling on a sequel even before the movie was released, hiring David Koepp to draft the script.

Universal studio execs must be breathing a little easier about that decision after the film debuted and earned $56 million the opening weekend. The movie is up to $118 million worldwide and although doing well, it still has some theater seat filling to do to recoup the reported $180 million production costs.

What kind of story could the sequel be? Most are betting that the story will revolve around the Huntsman played by Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers – Thor). There should be enough material there for a good action adventure film, but would that make it a sequel or a prequel?

What do you think, if you have seen the movie, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via: Deadline

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