Wait, That’s NOT Iron Patriot In ‘Iron Man 3’?

A week ago photos from the Iron Man 3 set leaked of a star spangled suit of Stark™ armor and naturally comic nerds flipped since it naturally had to be the Iron Patriot, adding to the already long list of villains for the film. Well, Latino Review has a different take on those same leaked photos that places another character in the patriotic robot pants. One that is definitively not a villain.

For the sake of spoilers and the rumors of spoilers, we’ll carry on after the jump.

(picture via NBC-17)

 LR is claiming that it’s actually War Machine with a stars and stripes repaint with James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) inside and they are not calling him Iron Patriot. Now before you scream out that it was actually a white dude in the suit (rumored to be James Badge Dale in the role of Eric Savin/Cold Blood-7,) LR is saying their onset source revealed that it’s actually just a stunt man.

So, why/how is War Machine now Iron Pariot? Simple, since the USA has had possession of the armor they naturally decided to slap some fresh ultra-nationalistic paint on it and the scene involves Rhodes/Cheadle acting as bodyguard for the Vice President on a trip to China, citing that in the post-Avengers world, that’s how it’s done.

I’ll say the explanation is compelling to say the least, so if you were extremely butthurt by Iron Patriot not being Norman Osborne (due to Spidey film rights being at Sony) take solace in the fact that it might actually just be Rhodes, who they are now calling Iron Patriot and… crap, I bet that’ll tick off the comic purist too.

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