Bill Murray Picks At The Scab Of Ghostbusters III

Bill Murray was back on Letterman the other night doing what he does best, being funny and bouncing back and forth between the ever present nerd question . . .

Will he or won’t he ever do a third Ghostbusters movie?

It’s the question that always seems to come up somewhere in just about every interview that Murray does. Mainly because interviewers know that question will generate some Internet activity from the multitude of Ghostbusters fans that want just-one-more-movie.

Murray says that IF the script was good he would consider it. This NerdBastard thinks the whole thing has become a type of Performance Art for Murray. At his funeral there will be a lifelong video of him tweaking Ghostbusters fans that he might just do a third movie, and there will be an open casket, in which, firmly held in Murray’s cold dead hands will be a partially obscured Ghostbusters III script.

Twenty years later, a Geraldo like newscaster that will exhume Murray’s grave, open the casket, and reveal the Ghostbusters III script was full of blank pages.

On the other hand we may all owe Bill Murray a huge “Thank You” for preventing a horrible sequel or reboot. Of the two evils, this NerdBastard would rather never get a third Ghostbusters than have to sit through and lament some terrible attempt that fails to capture the original’s magic.

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