So, the fine folks over at have been talking with writer/J.J. Abrams co-hort  Damon Lindelof about the upcoming sequel to 2009’s Star Trek. I’d like to say they managed to squeeze out some juicy spoilerish information about the still rather secretive project, but the interview is rather light on such things.

[A]t the end of the day I feel that Trek is at its best when it is intimate and human and relatable. And when I say human, that can include aliens too. But all the things that we view as emotional touchstones: love, loss, and courage and all those themes that are the core of Trek. You sometimes when you want to make a movie too big for its own good, it loses some of those essential values. So we didn’t want that to happen.

I can’t back this up with ‘facts’, but I am 90% sure he was just reading the above out of the Star Trek writers bible. He does, however, reveal that the movie is in fact shot in both 3D and IMAX. If you think about it, epic space battles in IMAX and 3D could be pretty sweet.

… [W]e have already talked about the idea that all of us were a little bit cynical about doing the movie in 3D and then they set up a test at Bad Robot where they took footage from the first movie – the sequence when the Enterprise drops out of warp and they come upon all the federation vessels destroyed by the Narada and they are doing evasive maneuvers -– and we just looked at each other after and said “that was kind of awesome.” We are now -– I wouldn’t say converts -– but I don’t think this is going to hurt the movie.

Lindlof also revealed that sequel will be on a much larger scaled that the first (or eleventh if you want to be all technical.) Speaking of the future of the Trek franchise?

We certainly don’t feel that a third movie is a foregone conclusion. Hopefully the second movie turns out well and we are really happy about everything so far.

Wow, Damon. Really going out on a limb there saying they’d do a third if this one does good. He does toss the world ‘trilogy’ around in the interview though. Hmm, a Star Trek series with a finite beginning, middle and, end? Ok, that really would be something new.

The whole interview is really a good read for Trek fans, you can get part one here and part two here.

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