The Prometheus like/don’t like controversy is afoot and people continue to voice their confusion and discontent regarding Ridley Scott’s recent return to the Alien franchise.  There are those in the camp that claim the movie doesn’t go anywhere and those who are examining the living crap out of the film in order to figure out all of its hidden secrets.  But, from out of the chaos a voice arises…

Red Letter Media has put together a video that has a few things to say about the perplexing picture, including what they liked and didn’t like, their list of unanswered questions and unexplained plotlines and the Aliens franchise in general.  Have a look below:

I’ve not heard of these guys before, but I have to say they did a pretty good job of encompassing most of the aspects of a decent film appraisal.  And they’re funny, which is always a plus.

While I’d love to sit down and go over each of their questions and present my own answers, I will refrain in order to avoid the crazy cloud that surrounds the film.  So instead, I’ll just sit here contentedly in the knowledge that I understand the movie completely and that everyone else is just dumb.


Thanks to slashfilm for pointing us in the right direction on this one.

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