After the dead rise to consume the flesh of the living, you’re going to want a mode of transportation that is both economical (those gas reserves won’t last long after all) and durable (you’re going to be running over a lot of undead probably.) Ladies and Gentleman, Hyundai and Skybound Comics are proud to announce the newly redesigned 2012 Kirkman for all your post zombie-apocalypse needs.

Ok, so it’s really just a 2013 Elantra GT with a dash of Mad Max. It was, however, designed by The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman for the comic book’s 100th issue in conjunction with the Korean auto manufactures ongoing marketing tie-in with the zombie property. At the time of this writing there are no plans for this model see mass production, however you will be able to see it at San Diego Comic-Con this year. After the jump you can watch a video of Kirkman talking about the design princples behind the car (i.e. put spikes on it and drive) and more details can be found at

Speaking of putting spikes on things… also after the jump. MAJOR SPOILER FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 3!

Don’t worry, I’ll leave a little space so you can watch the video and not see this extremely-awesome-holy-f#ck-can’t-wait sized spoiler about who’s back after a long hiatus from the show.


Now a brief pause before the spoiler filled photo from




Last chance to turn back, here’s a picture of a kitten to give you a chance to reconsider.




Ok, you’ve scrolled down this far. Here is your major season 3 The Walking Dead spoiler:

Is that..? Does he have a spike…? …for a hand?


It is scheduled to premiere in October 2012 on AMC.

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