For the next three days Las Vegas will be home to something other then gambling and Ultimate Fighting, it’s the home of the Las Vegas Licensing Expo.  Each year, exhibitors from all over the world come together to sell off the licensing rights to their hottest properties.   But, this gives us a sneak peek at the coming movies for 2013.

With photos courtesy of Coming Soon, we’ve been given a glimpse into the coming year’s hottest properties through the art of the “teaser poster”.  After Earth, A Good Day To Die Hard, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, R.I.P.D., Robocop, Robopocalypse, Pacific Rim and Ender’s Game – they’re all here.

Even if A Good Day To Die Hard looks like the exact same poster as the last movie, with different text and a Russian landscape in the background, the rest of these posters look pretty darn cool. Check them out in the jump:

Source: Coming Soon

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