Amazing-Spider Man Gets First Review (spoilers!)

Although the new Amazing Spider-Man film won’t be viewable in the states until July 4th, once again those people overseas are getting a look at the summer blockbusters well before they are released here.  Already a review of the movie has been posted by Belgian website  If you want to go into Amazing Spider-Man free of outside influence, it’s best to run away now.  Otherwise, continue along and I shall relate the general content of said interview.

Warning, there is a spoiler about the after-credits scene which may reveal the villain for the 2014 sequel!

The basic premise is exactly what one can expect from seeing the trailers and being familiar with Spider-Man in general.  Peter Parker gets super powers and has to figure out how to use them and eventually face an evil villain – in this case, The Lizard.

The Dutch reviewer says that the new reboot is better than previous attempts as telling Spider-Man’s story and compares it to the Avengers in its excellence of execution.  He states that there is a good balance between the action and the drama as well as a rich story that will keep people interested.

Praises are heard for Andrew Garfield’s performance in the title role, particularly for his ability to juggle the necessities of drama, comedy and action.  Emma Stone puts on an equally good performance and so does the rest of the supporting cast.

The only real critique that the reviewer had was concerning the special effects used to produce the lizard, which he says are not well-done and sometimes look fake.

He also makes mention of the post-credit scene which depicts a possible Green Goblin arising to make his debut for the next installment of the franchise.

If you want to deal with reading the translated version of the original Dutch interview, head on over to their website and give it a go.  If this is enough for you, then just wait another 4 weeks til the movie’s out.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up on this one.

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