Joe Cornish to Tackle ‘Snow Crash’

Finally, Nerdreaders, some news that doesn’t concern a reboot!  It looks like Hollywood will be pillaging ideas in their traditional fashion by adapting an award-winning novel.  This time around it’s going to be Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and Joe Cornish is set to both write and direct.

Joe Cornish is perhaps best known for writing and directing Attack the Block, an alien-filled comedy/horror film released last year.  Though I have never seen it myself, people seem to have good things to say about the flick, so I’ll put my doubts on hold for now.  This movie put Cornish on the Hollywood radar and it looks like he’s taking advantage of his newfound fame in choosing Snow Crash as his next project.

Stephenson’s novel is a cyberpunk classic of a satirical and philosophical bent.  It spans the genre from virtual reality to linguistic magics and incorporates some entertaining if unrealistic premises to get the job done.  The two main characters consist of a mafia-employed pizza delivery guy/hacker by the name of Hiro Protagonist and his sidekick, a skateboard courier who goes by Y.T.  Together they battle the evils of corporations, terrorists and religious fanatics in an effort to save the world from a mindless, obedient future.

Visually speaking, an adaptation of Snow Crash would be beautiful to watch on the big screen.  The themes of the novel, however, may be too much to translate.  It deals with some rather obscure topics and spells out a great deal of it expositionally – both of which traditionally have problems making the switch from word to film.

What about you, my well-educated and culturally adept readers?  Is there anyone out there who has both read the book and seen Cornish’s work that can make a guess about whether he’s the right guy for the job?  Can they really capture all the satirical and cerebral content of the novel or will it end up a mish-mosh of visual masturbation?


Thanks to slashfilm for the heads-up.


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