You gotta know Disney is mighty pleased with themselves for acquiring that little comic book company, Marvel. How much money did that little movie, The Avengers, rake in? Oh yeah – A LOT. So how long will you have to wait before you can hang out, pose, and take pictures with The Avengers and all of Marvel’s super heroes in a Disney theme park? It’ll happen sooner, but probably not as soon as you’d think.

Carsland is Disney’s latest attraction and only just opened. Carsland was first announced in 2006. That makes it about six years in between announcement and reality, so any Avenger-themed attractions will still be a ways off. Tom Staggs, chairman of Disney’s parks and resorts division, was recently quoted in Reuters saying,

We were hard at work on attractions using Marvel characters previously, and that work has only intensified given (the film’s) great success.

The setting has to be right, the story has to be right. That takes a fair amount of time.

Also it should be noted that anything Marvel can only happen at Disneyland in California, not Walt Disney World in Florida due to Marvel’s contract with Universal and their theme park. But if any Marvel attractions were to come to Disneyland, what would you like to see?

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There’s an even bigger question hovering over these Disney/Marvel relations, and that’s what kind of role, if any, does Pixar have to play? Collider recently spoke to Pixar founder and Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios, John Lasseter at a press junket for Brave and were able to get in some questions about a possible Pixar/Marvel movie. Here’s what Lasseter had to say,

Well, I can’t say anything about that because Marvel just got—[they’ve] been a couple years as part of the Disney company, we’ve been six years as part of the Disney company.  And at Pixar, we stay focused on making original films.  Even our sequels are kind of created internally and we come up with ideas [on our own].  I’m also leading the Walt Disney Animation Studio and all of that.  These studios are filmmaker driven studios, so if a filmmaker comes to me and says, ‘Hey, I wanna do this,’ then I would be really open to it.

Okay, so a Marvel movie made by Pixar may never happen, but one directly from the House of Mouse? That’s a possibility. What Marvel character or story do you think would make a good match for a Disney animated feature?

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