Apparently, the producers over at Warner Brothers are running out of ideas on how to mix and remix trailers to keep the marketing spam going for The Dark Knight Rises.  With the film coming out next month, more spam is definitely needed so we fans can wet out pants repeatedly and purchase mass quantities of tickets.  But when the well runs dry, what is a company like Warner Brothers to do?  Why, outsource to the fans, of course!

Warner Brothers and DC are offering a grand fanboy prize to those who can make the best promo for the new flick.  By utilizing the resources they provide on their website, fans are instructed to make a promo of 25 seconds or less.  Lord and Master Christopher Nolan will be picking the big winner, who will then be granted the ultimate prize – a trip to the red carpet premiere in New York City.

There are some other parts of the prize as well, of course.  First, the winner will be kidnapped and taken to Hollywood where they will get the chance to work with a professional editor and make their promo into something worthy of air time.  Once completed, the promo may (not will) end up on television.  Oh, and the promo has to plug Chrysler, btw (go figure).

Here’s a copy of the official announcement:

So, if you have some unsung skills at video and audio editing and want a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises in NYC, check out the website and put those skills to the test.  Good luck, Godspeed and don’t forget the Chrysler plug!


Thanks to slashfilm for the info. on this one.

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