Daredevil – voted by fans everywhere as one of the top movies in need of a serious reboot.  Currently, said reboot is in the works with David Slade (30 Days of Night) at the helm.  Unfortunately, like many projects inHollywood, it has been floating in the mysterious realm of limbo for the last year, with barely any newsworthy information to be had.  And like all limbo-locked flicks, any slightest clue that production may be drawing close sparks doe-eyed fans to speculate.

The latest rumor involves some remarks that Slade made on his Twitter that express his interest in John Hartnett as lead for his new project.  Whether this means that Slade is actually looking to bring Hartnett on board or not is another story.  He could just be giving him some props since they have worked together before, or he could be getting hopeful given the long wait that Daredevil is seeing.

What do you think, Nerdreaders?  Is Hartnett a good fit for the blind crime-fighter?


Thanks to geektyrant for the rumor.

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