It seems as if by now fans have seen as much of the new Amazing Spider-Man as is humanly possible without actually watching the film from beginning to end.  The internet is spammed with trailers and clips from a marketing team that just doesn’t seem to know when to quit.  I’m guessing their strategy is to get people to watch 75% of the film so they feel obligated to spend the money to see the rest of it.

Today we at Nerdbastards bring you the latest in the campaign to get you to buy tickets.  One scene features three minutes of Spidey stopping a crime and mocking a bad guy:

And the other is yet another trailer for the film, this time the German version: 

Personally, I would have liked it better if all I ever saw was this German TV spot.  At least then I wouldn’t know how half the movie goes down a month before it’s out.  Anyone else getting as sick of the spam-trend as I am?


Thanks to geektyrant and comingsoon for the heads-up.

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