Sounds like a “What If…?” concept, especially if you read Christ-like allegories into Harry Potter’s biography, but it seems that in the latest installment of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, Century 2009, includes a reference to The Boy Who Lived, and in true League style, turns the character on his head.

Century 2009 will be released this week, and Independent critic Laura Sneddon has given details on why and how the Potter pastiche turned up in the story:

At no point does Moore use the words “Harry” or “Potter”, but a magical train hidden between platforms at King’s Cross station, leading to a magical school where there are flashbacks of psychotic adolescent rage and whimpering children pleading for their life, all strewn with molten corpses, does rather suggest a link to the Boy Who Lived. A hidden scar and a mentor named Riddle, though possessed as he is by the real villain, completes the picture.

So Antichrist Potter goes to Bizarro Hogwarts where Voldemort is his mentor? That’s messed up, Alan Moore. According to Sneddon, the depiction is “a commentary on a perceived degradation of society, both in our world and the fictional … originality is visibly dwindling, while major franchises and celebrity biographies are relentlessly pushed upon us.”

So what’s Moore trying to say here? If we’re to reach for some trivia, Comics Beat reminds us that Moore featured an original character named “Harold Potter” in his 1991 book Lost Girls, a full six years before the first Harry Potter novel was published.

But could there be something more cynical afoot? The movie rights to Harry Potter are owned by Warner Bros, who also owns DC Comics, home of Moore’s Watchmen and its hated new prequel Before Watchmen. Could Moore be taking a swipe at his old boss? That maybe stretching.

Still, this affair probably won’t do much to quell calls of hypocrisy against Moore since he’s more than happy to use and abuse (maybe?) other people’s characters for his benefit.

Let the debate begin! Tell us what you guys think below.

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