Another day, another new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Opening on July 20th, we are only about a month away! Have your tickets yet? Are you seeing the trilogy marathon? Seeing it in IMAX?

New footage-wise this trailer doesn’t provide much, but there are a few funny quips from Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Alfred (Michael Cane). It’s good to see that as intense as these trailers and clips have been, there are still lighter moments scattered throughout. And man, do I really hope those guys live through to the end.

We also hear Christian Bale grumble, “I’m not afraid…I’m angry,” which of course leads to a big smackdown with Bane (Tom Hardy). In fact, much of this trailer is about making sure we know Bane is a HUGE threat to Batman, to Gotham, to everything. Check it out.

Could have used more Catwoman.

Source: Empire

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