Some Doctors only stay for a season, or maybe two. Others hang around for years, like Tom Baker’s run of seven years in the TARDIS. So how long can we expect Matt Smith to remain as the Doctor? Forever. Or, at least he’d like to.

In a recent and lengthy interview with Life of Wylie, Smith was promoting his newest film, Bert And Dickie, about a rowing team in the 1984 Olympics, and of course got talking about Doctor Who. He was asked specifically about how long he planned to stay on with the time-traveling gig,

Forever. 50 years. I’m loving making it. I think we’ve got one of our strongest seasons yet coming up. I really do. We go into the 50th year all guns blazing. And I’ll be around. So … that’s it, really.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to see Smith hang around for some time. A lot of fans have been speculating we’d see a regeneration in the 50th Anniversary special, but maybe not. David Tennant was the Doctor for five years, will Smith surpass him? Do you want more of the Eleventh Doctor or are you ready for a change?

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