First Reviews for ‘Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter’ Posted

The semi-historical vampire action movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens this weekend. The reviews are coming in, and boy are they mixed. What’s interesting though is that these critics below are praising the filmmakers for their dedication to historical accuracy, and Lincoln portrayer Benjamin Walker is also receiving praise for his performance.

Below are some initial thoughts on the movie. Interestingly there’s none from major critics like Hitfix, Rolling Stone, EW, et al, but chances are we’ll hear from them before Friday.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a strange film, but then it was always going to be. It diverges wildly from the book and mostly for the better, adding more humour and some sense of its own ridiculousness, while also delivering some top notch action scenes. But the story is half formed and the final battle unsatisfying, while the use of the character of Lincoln never really feels essential. And you’d be well advised to catch it in 2D, if you can.2.5/5


There are a lot of amusing nods to historical events and characters that anyone with a high school diploma will find entertaining. But it’s the overall feel of the film that I loved most. Beside’s Walkers spot on Abe, it’s a very dark and violent film. Initially I was sure the studio would want to sell as many tickets as possible to a film that had vampire in the title and slap a PG-13 rating on it. However, Fox, trusting a successful R-rated director in Timur, held nothing back and the film is better for it. It’s incredibly violent and features vampires in the correct and demonic light with which they should be seen. It’s not overly campy but it’s just enough to smirk at and you’ll find yourself saying “Really?” only a few times. The action is far too much fun and grabs you from the first axe swing till the last twirl. Abe’s axe is the new bending bullet.3.5/5

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s heart may be in the right place — and any film that makes people interested in reading up on the real Lincoln must be commended — but overall the film is, ironically, bloodless, chugging along from Great Lincoln Historical Moment to carefully choreographed action set-piece without ever generating much energy or enthusiasm.5.5/10

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How about you Bastards? You looking forward to checking out AL:VH on Friday?

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