I don’t know about you guys, but I still haven’t come to accept Michael Bay is making another Transformers movie. The thought is like a festering wound Bay keeps poking with a stick. I’ve found some solace in the fact his Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles projects was killed, but I still cringe when I think soon I’ll be living in a world with not three terrible Transformers movies, but four. Okay, the first wasn’t awful, but look at what it started!

And here today we have what could be the first herald of that nightmare, a teaser poster for Transformers 4. This is in no way officially confirmed, but it comes from Cine 1 who’ve been pretty on the ball when it comes to leaked posters before. They’re calling this poster and its tagline, “provisional,” so even if it is real it’s not a final design. Take a look,

For fun let’s assume it’s real, what could that tagline mean? And if that’s Optimus he’s lookin’ pretty menacing. More like Ominous Prime, amirite? Ha!

We’ve heard this will be Bay’s final Transformers flick and it’ll feature new bots with new designs and a new cast in order to set up the franchise for others to continue. How do you think this teaser poster ties into that?

I still have hope we’ll wake from this nightmare, but until then, are you excited for another Transformers?

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