After playing their part to successfully relaunch the Planet of the Apes franchise with last year’s hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes, screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver are now coming aboard the perpetually caught in suspended animation Jurassic Park IV.

To me, this is good news. For if Jaffa and Silver can get a decent script through Fox’s horrible track record with its franchise pictures, it should be relatively simple working with Senor Steven Spielberg in getting a new Jurassic Park to theaters. This morning, Drew McWeeny on HitFix recounted a Jurassic Park IV draft by John Sayles and William Monahan that was about a soldier for hire leading a group of super-intelligent dinosaurs against Jurassic Park escapees, which would have been too awesome to be believed, but was sadly nixed by the studio.

Last year, Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich was recruited by Spielberg to pen a new draft, so presumably Jaffa and Silver will be taking a new stab at the story developed by Protosevich and Spielberg. Spielberg said last year that he hopes to get a new Jurassic Park going in the next two or three years, and director Joe Johnston, director of Jurassic Park III and last year’s hit Captain America, has said he’d like to get behind the camera on the project.

Sounds like progress, but how many times have we gotten new screenwriters on this thing since 2001? Time will tell if the production moves forward or not.

Source: /Film

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