That’s the rumor scrounged up by Vulture today. Their spies tell them the Men in Black 3 director is attached to a movie starring The Metal Men movie over at Warner Bros. Huh? I can’t imagine a Metal Men flick tying into a Justice League film the same way a movie for The Flash or Wonder Woman would. Apparently the Warner Bros. found a stack of old DC comic books in the attic and remembered they owned the rights to these characters. Now they’ve gots to make a movie about them, and fast, before this super hero craze wanes.

Oh, who are the Metal Men you ask? Yeah, besides a few brief appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (pictured above) there hasn’t been many modern incarnations of William Magnus’ creations, have there? Here’s their short write-up in Vulture,

The Metal Men centers on an artificial-intelligence expert named William Magnus who creates six cyborgs, each made from a distinct chemical element with talents reflecting their places in the periodic table: Gold, their leader, was almost infinitely stretchable; Iron, the strongman; Lead, the simpleton protector; Mercury, the capricious risk-taker who could melt into the tiniest crevices; Platinum, a female cyborg who could flatten herself but who couldn’t believe she wasn’t a real woman. Sadly, we’re still in doubt as to just what the sub-atomic talents of the self-doubting Tin are. Food preservation? Recycling? Refreshment? All three?

Okay, so the Metal Men are kind of hokey and reek of their retro origins. How will Barry Sonnenfeld update them for a modern audience? Will we see a grittier depiction, as seems to be all the rage since the inception of the Nolanverse? (See what I did there?) Maybe they’ll go more sci-fi, maybe they’ll embrace the camp and play it straight? Who knows! I will say I’m not really excited to hear about a prospective Metal Men movie. I don’t hate the idea, but they weren’t in my top ten DC characters I want to see in a movie.

What say you bastards about this possible Metal Men flick?

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