We know next to nothing about Doctor Who‘s newest companion, the possibly named-Clara played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Grand Maester Steven Moffat is keeping mum about things, as usual, but what the Daily Star – I know, real reputable “news” source – is reporting might give us a little more insight.

Apparently, in the second half of season seven, the chunk airing in 2013, we’ll see the return of Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and she’ll be sporting a major crush on Clara. That’s right, the Doctor’s new companion might be a lesbian. That is she accepts Vastra’s affections, and who wouldn’t? I don’t know if you remember the Silurian, but she was awesome and kicked much ass in the season six episode,”A Good Man Goes to War.” She and her girlfriend, Jenny, were seen living in Victorian London before answering the Doctor’s call to arms. They were so popular despite their little screen time fans demanded the pair get their own spinoff, which sadly never happened.

“Moffat loves to shake up the show,” an anonymous source told the Daily Star. “What better way than a lesbian storyline.”

What better way, indeed. I love the idea and hope it’s true, though I will miss Jenny. If Clara does accept Vastra’s affections it’s unlikely she’ll also have a thing for the Doctor, which will be a very welcome change of pace. Basically, if this lesbian plot line gets Madame Vastra back on Doctor Who, I’m all for it. What do you think?

Source: The List via Blastr

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