We’ve seen screenshots and game play footage of Stan Lee in the latest The Amazing Spider-Man videogame. While that’s awesome as hell, there’s still something missing from the game.  Fear not true believers, “The Chin” is in.

While only getting a cameo in each of Sam Raimi‘s three Spider-Man movies, Bruce Campbell was the voice behind each of the subsequent tie-in video games that followed. Giving the player guidance with a comedic wit, Bruce has become as much a part of the franchise as Peter Parker. It’s only natural for him to have some role in the new Activision title. Although instead of giving us a playable character like Stan the Man, Bruce will once again be the voice behind the game, this time with a full body role.

Making side-missions cool again, Campbell will voice an ex-MMA fighter turned “Extreme reporter” obsessed with testing Spidey through various races and challenges. It may sounds weird, but having Bruce make fun of you for failing is pretty damn entertaining, the man oozes personality, so why not have him back. Check out the video below of Bruce talking about himself and his in-game self.

Now if Activison wants to siphon all the money out of our pockets, they should make Campbell a playable character through DLC. Better yet, just make us happy and make an entire Bruce Campbell game, it would totally make back the several million dollars in development costs.

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