Alan Moore – author, comic book guru and self-proclaimed magician.  Readers may know him as the creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta or any number of other brilliant comics and graphic novels.  Some may also know him as the crazy, angry man who berates any-and-all film adaptations that are made of his works (in addition to hating on the new Before Watchmen series).  Now, the enemy of cinema is making a foray into the medium with his new film series, Show Pieces.

Show Pieces will be a series of short films that tell one overall, multi-layered story.  Though no specific details are known, the series has been described as “occult” and “noir flecked.”  This will be the first time that the film-bashing Moore has written directly for film.

The first installment of the series is called Act of Faith and is reportedly already finished.  The second installment is titled Jimmy’s End and filming on that chapter is rumored to be starting near the end of summer.  So far, there is no set number to how many ‘pieces’ will be in the finished project.

Together, the first two shorts of the Show Pieces’ series will be premiering this October in New York at an event hosted by The Creator’s Project.  Eventually, each short will be available on their website for fans to view at their leisure.

So what do you think, Nerdreaders?  Does Moore have what it takes to write directly for the movie screen?  Or is he being a hypocrite for jumping into the visual medium when he’s spent most of his life bashing it?


Thanks to screenrant for the info.

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