Man, these internet parody videos are getting weird. Have you seen the one about the night club in South Africa that’s based on James Cameron‘s megablockbuster Avatar? Hilarious! They have an over the top club promoter/mafioso and everything…

What? It’s REAL?!?!?

Apparently some South African Soprano extra by the name of Mike Basson has opened up a club in Rivonia called Avastar. This Avatar themed club recreates the world of the Na’Vi with fog machines and lasers and flamethrowers and more crappy topples blue cat elf pictures than your average furry’s hard drive. I’m guessing the bouncers are also instructed to punch you in the face repeatedly to give you that 2 and a half hour 3D movie headache to complete the experience.

Even if you ARE an Avatar fan, you have to admit, this place looks and sounds ridiculous. See for yourself, the promotional video is up after the jump.

source: Topless Robot

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