It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me touch myself.

These are times that being a nerd pays off big time. When you find little gems like this one. BeanDiProductions put together this tribute video to the hardest to kill mercenary in the business: DeadPool.

Why can’t Hollywood do some of the insanely simple things that these guys did with this fan film. Things like understanding the character, the concept, the things that made you enjoy it in the first place.

We’re not gonna get a Deadpool movie in the near future anyways from all accounts. Although everyone seemed to be clamoring for Ryan Reynolds to play DeadPool after the Wolverine movie, this NerdBastard wouldn’t want Reynolds to touch the role with a ten foot pole with a bean taped to the end. Reynolds totally screwed up the Green Lantern character and helped kill any hopes of seeing some other D.C. hero movies besides Batman and Superman in the near future.

Seriously, why couldn’t the guys that wrote Green Lantern have reached out to people that know, love, and enjoy the characters as much as the guys at BeanDiProductions?


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