As always, the geek rumor mill has been working hard, this time to come up with some creative and sexy things to insert into the upcoming season 7 of Doctor Who.  As recently reported here on Nerdbastards (and pretty much everywhere else), there’s a story going around that the new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) is to be tied up in a lesbian storyline with the Silurian bad-ass Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh).  Turns out that McIntosh has no idea what anyone is talking about.

While the same-sex element would not be new to Doctor Who (Captain Jack, for example, made no qualms about his love of the penis), it looks like this time it’s just fanboy hopes and dreams trying to disrupt reality.  According to Neve’s twitter:

Just to say I have no idea WHAT the Star is talking about! No-one’s asked me…

As a matter of fact, McIntosh doesn’t appear to be making a return for Season 7 at all.  She was also quick to point out that the original rumor spawned from The Daily Star – which means people should probably have dismissed it before they even read it.

Sorry, kids.  No hot lesbian action with aliens in Doctor Who this season.  But you can always cross your fingers for Season 8.


Thanks to blastr for helping us to dismiss the rumor.

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