For the past several years, Guardians of the Galaxy has been in the bullpen as a potential future franchisee of Marvel Studios, the latest in a long line of Marvel Comics to get spun into its own movie. The final scene of The Avengers only added fuel to that fire by blatantly opening the door to the greater cosmic Marvel U. So are we getting closer to Guardians of the Galaxy becoming a film reality?

According to Bleeding Cool, Marvel Studios is doing the paperwork. They’ve filed 11 new trademark applications for Guardians of the Galaxy, which would encompass merchandising rights across jewelry, drinks, food, furniture, cosmetics, computer games, fabrics, paper goods, entertainment, internet services, and retail store promotions.

Now this may not be absolute metaphysical certainty that the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is underway, but if Marvel’s going to the trouble of dotting its i’s and crossing it’s t’s than maybe they’re getting close to announcing something. Or they’re just locking up some loopholes. It could go either way.

Are you Bastards anxious to see a Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

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