For a show that’s been on the verge of cancellation almost since its inception, Community has a truly devoted fan base. Dan Harmon‘s genius satire has proven its staying power yet again with the newest gallery show at PixelDrip Gallery in Los Angeles, Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show. The free tribute show has been a definite hit and has been attended by fans, artists, creator Harmon, and even some of the show’s stars.

Mark Batalla, PixelDrip curator and manager, had this to say,

We continue to be astonished and humbled by the artists that have agreed to participate in the art show. Any of these individuals is talented enough to have their own solo exhibit. Having the opportunity to gather their artwork under the same roof is a dream come true and one we would like to share with as many people as possible. We are also honored to have artists that have worked on ‘Community,’ such as Rob Schrab, Megan Ganz, Jim Mahfood, and Myke Chilian. The cast and crew’s close relationship with the fans is one that separates ‘Community’ from many television shows. This is our heartfelt tribute to both  ‘Community’ and its fanbase.

Sadly, if you’re like me you don’t live near Los Angeles and won’t be nearby anytime soon you can’t visit the gallery. Well, that’s what the wonderful internet is for! Presented here, without even leaving the comforting embrace of Nerd Bastards, are some of the best offerings from the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show. For a full gallery, check out Coming Soon.

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