The Last Voyage of the Demeter, a spin-off from the classic Bram Stoker Dracula storyline, has been in the void of off-and-on development for some time now.  At one point director David Slade was set to helm the flick with Noomi Rapace and Ben Kingsley attached as the leads, but that went south.  Now Millennium Films is trying to get it going again, with Neil Marshall set to direct, Kingsley maybe still onboard as the ship’s captain and the possible addition of Viggo Mortensen in one of the lead roles.

The story will detail the events that take place aboard the titular ship, The Demeter as it makes its journey from Transylvania toEngland carrying the resting body of Dracula.  The viability of such a project leaves one in doubt, however.  We already know how the movie will end, with Dracula killing the crew and the ship running aground off the coast of England.  What happens in between sounds like so much kill-by-numbers cliché.

If they manage to spin this in a different direction, something that will challenge the minds of viewers rather than just their patience, the combination of Mortensen and Kingsley could be quite the dramatic event.

What do the Nerdreaders think?  Can such a cut-and-dry premise be made into a character driven flick that will capture your interest?


Thanks to slashfilm for the info.

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