Like most classically trained British Thespians, Malcolm McDowell has seen his greatest success in Hollywood playing boisterous nasty villains. He was the kryptonite hearted Metallo on the animated Superman series, he was the foil to Lori Petty‘s Tank Girl,  he killed Captain Kirk for crying out loud. Well, in the third installment of Hero Complex: The Show from an interview with McDowell during the second day of the Hero Complex Film Festival, he gave his most villainous performance to date.

The LA Times’ Geoff Boucher sat down with the Clockwork Orange star as he unleashed his fury on fans everywhere. After the cut we have the full video, but here is the short form.

He in the first 5 minutes he calls modern science fiction movies like Transformers and the Avengers ‘mindless crap’ while extolling the vision of Stanley Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then, about 8 and half minutes in, the topic of Star Trek comes up and his role as Soran, AKA the man that caused Captain Kirk to kick the bucket in what became a very heated and emotional moment for fans. His response? ‘I did them (Trekkies) a favor.‘ He goes on to say that his actions led to the J.J. Abrams revival (saving us from, in his words ‘Patrick Stewart spouting off for another 40 minutes, well if you find that exciting go watch paint dry‘.)

When he notices the camera, McDowell exclaims ‘This is going to be on the bloody Internet isn’t it? I keep forgetting about this [bleep] Internet.’ Yes, Malcolm, it is… And it is possibly the greatest 15 minutes you’ll see today. Before you nerd-rage all over this I am sure a lot of what he said was tongue in cheek, however he also makes some valid points.

Watch it, it’s up after the jump.

If you are inclined to respond to McDowell and his comments, I direct your attention here.

Source: LA Times/Hero Complex

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