Ashley Eckstein‘s geek and girl friendly clothing line, Her Universe, has been a huge hit. Being a girl whose favorite attire is a good, nerdy tee I can tell you what a hassle it can be tracking down t-shirts that fit right. Often the really great geek t-shirts are only available in men’s, and rarely do they provide ample bosom room and a smaller waist to flatter your figure.

That’s where Eckstein got her inspiration, why can’t there be geeky tees made with a girl’s body in mind. Ta-Da! Her Universe was born, originally as a line of Star Wars apparel for the ladies it has since branched out to include Battlestar Galactica and is now introducing – wait for it – an official Doctor Who line!

The first wares become available July 11th, but take a look at what they’ll be offering. There’s even an official Doctor Who for Her Universe logo created just for them!

The t-shirt above is Amy’s speech that preceded almost every episode of the fifth season of Doctor Who, inside the Who logo. Here’s one in honor of Ms. Doctor herself, River Song,

One of Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS painting,

And, of course, that something blue you need,

I also really appreciate Her Universe changes things up and puts the design on a lower corner rather than right on the middle of the chest. I have a few t-shirts not designed for the busty among us and a design smack in the middle can be easily distorted by bewbz. All in all, they’ve got great stuff!

Check out Her Universe for more on the upcoming Doctor Who line as well as all other fabulous, geeky apparel they’ve got to offer.

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