“Wait? They actually gave me the part?”

Though it is considered blasphemy by many, the classic sword-fighting immortals of Highlander are on the list of remakes for the near future.  Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are leading the charge, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) set to direct.  It’s been in the rumor mill that they were hoping to secure the services of a certain Ryan Reynolds to take on the lead role of Connor MacLeod.  Now finally, after a month of negotiations, it is official – Reynolds has the job.

With a career of mostly rom-coms behind him, coupled with some rather tepid performances in other genres, it’s up-in-the-air whether Reynolds will be able to step into the shoes of Christopher Lambert.  The original Highlander is considered a classic among many (myself included) for its rich atmosphere, unique concept and the kick-ass soundtrack by Queen.  A remake has the potential to spell disaster or create a new vision that could inspire multiple sequels.

We at Nerdbastards, in an effort to be impartial, asked another huge fan of the original what his opinion on the Reynolds casting is and got this response: 

I think the Dark Lord of the Sith echoes the sentiments of Highlander fans everywhere.

Thanks to The Tracking Board for bringing us the news.

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