Bizarre Fan Outrage of the Day: Waffles for Spoiler!

You may or may not be enjoying DC Comics’ New 52 depending on the treatment of your favorite character by the editorial staff of the publisher, and now, one fan base that is not amused is taking the matter into their own hands: Stephanie Brown fans of the world unite! Take up your waffles and send them to DC Comics’ head office in New York City!

To the uninitiated, Stephanie Brown has held several monikers in the Batman family of titles: She began as The Spoiler, was later – temporarily Robin – and then became Batgirl before the reboot returned Barbara Gordon to the cowl. Now Steph, the waffle-loving vigilante in training, seems to have no home in the new DCU, and some fans are sick of it. They’re asking all Steph Brown fans to rally, and send their waffles to DC offices at 1700 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019.

Here’s the call to action from Waffles for Stephanie:

As Stephanie fans, we are really excited for Stephanie’s appearance, but we’re also upset for two reasons. Reason 1 would be the fact that we think Steph deserves to also appear in the main universe. Reason 2 is the fact that we fear that DC will make Smallville the only place to find Steph, rather than give her a place in the main uinverse [Sic]. To prevent this, we decided to make the ‘Waffles for Stephanie’ campaign.

So are you Bastards ready to launch an all-out waffle war on DC Comics? It’s okay if you’re not though.

Source: Blastr

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