In the official “Ooo!  Shiny!” category of Nerdbastards news for the day comes the revelation of some teaser logos for the upcoming sequels to the super hero flicks we have grown to love.  At Riccione, Italy’s Cine 2012 some early concept art for the next line was shown to audiences.  Titles include Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 and Avengers 2.

Wanna see what they look like?  Do ya?  Do ya?  Well look no further than right below this text.

Here is Iron Man 3 (with some company):

Set to release May 3, 2013.

A close-up of Thor 2:

Set to release November 8th, 2013.

And Captain America 2:

Set to release April 4th, 2014.

And Avengers 2:

With no scheduled release date.

Not exactly as creative as one might hope, but hey, they’re just there to tease you and generate pre-hype for the films, so what do you really expect?


Thanks to comingsoon for the exciting news!

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