San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exhibitor Floor Map

The official floor map for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con has been revealed at the official site along with a full listing of exactly which exhibitors will be in attendance.

Anyone making the pilgrimage to nerd Mecca needs to have this map. You’d have better luck finding your way through the Goblin Kings Labyrinth than trying blindly navigate the SDCC exhibitor floor. Heck, even with the map it’s difficult. The floor plan gives you a good idea of where things are, but you still gotta push through hordes of sweaty, smelly nerds and traverse big hallways and rooms. Taking the one ring to Mordor is easier.

Admittedly, I’m making things sound way more difficult than they actually are; all for humor. The convention center is big and over welming, but you’ll get your bearings in no time. The map does help though.

Click on the image below for a larger map and the full exhibitor listing:

Here’s a joke. You should put up a pin for every exhibitor you visit. Of course, you’ll need to visit the top two corners first,  or else the map will fall down (da dum tish).


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