For Their First Marvel Film, Disney Will Animate… Who?!

Since the acquisition of Marvel Comics by Walt Disney, fans have been eagerly anticipating which Marvel property the animators at the House of Mouse will adapt first, and now we might have an answer, and if it is the answer, it’s guaranteed you won’t believe who it is.

According to Blue Sky Disney, supported by The Grid, details are emerging about the project, the director and the potential release date for the film, which, it seems, will be based on the comic book, Big Hero 6.

Say what now?

Walt Disney Animation‘s upcoming “Big Hero 6,” about a heroic superhero team, is currently an open writing assignment, with no scribe currently attached to the project. The film will be produced by Kristina Reed.

The slot that is set for 2014 has been set aside for Don Hall’s project. Don Hall is the director of “Big Hero 6.” In fact, he’s the one that pitched the idea to Lasseter, who liked his take on the subject and approved it for development. Now, it’s not fully green lit. The project is story boarded and has been deemed strong enough to tentatively put in the production line.

For the uninitiated, Big Hero 6 is the Japanese superhero team first introduced in the pages of Alpha Flight and then given their own miniseries in 1998. This is not exactly the property I thought about when the gears started moving for an animated Marvel movie by Disney, but if Pixar head honcho John Lasseter is interested, there must be something to it.

More news as it develops.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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