While some nerds hold to the rule that you’re either a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan, most modern geeks have come to accept they can like both series, equally, without any crisis of conscious. And now,  Her Universe – originally a Star Wars-only clothing line started by Clone Wars actress, Ashley Eckstein – is adding Star Trek to their label.

Earlier this week we reported Her Universe was expanding to add Doctor Who apparel and today we learned the female-friendly, geeky clothing line is adding new Star Trek apparel starting July 11th. And as excited as I was about the addition of Who stuff, I’m super-excited for their Trek line. What can I say, I was raised on Trek long before I saw my first episode of Doctor Who.

Above is a tee inspired by Lt. Uhura’s classic red outfit, and while I love the design I try to make it a policy to avoid red shirts. I’ll be sure to grab one when they come out with a science blue or command gold design.

This t-shirt features The Next Generation’s opening speech emblazoned on the Enterprise. There’s no better way to celebrate TNG‘s 25th anniversary.

All right, all you Wesley Crusher fans, this one’s for you,

Looking for a cool polo with just a touch of Star Trek class? Then this shirt’s for you. Having Spock’s LLAP (Live Long and – do I need to spell it out?) instead of some silly alligator will earn +15 awesome nerd points,

And lastly, what’s easily my favorite tee of the bunch, I GROK SPOCK,

All these Star Trek tees – and the Doctor Who ones, too – are available on July 11th. Jump to Her Universe to order. Which ones will you be sure to get for yourself? And fellas, these would make great gifts for that geeky girl in your life. Hint. Hint.

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