If The Avengers was the fun, action-packed, roller coaster of a summer blockbuster, then The Dark Knight Rises will be its gritty, still action-packed, yet dark and intense opposite. The two films are the ying and the yang of super hero movies, and as much fun as I had with The Avengers I cannot wait to get all dark and moody with The Dark Knight Rises.

Opening July 20th, Dark Knight Rises will be the grand climax of the summer movies, so let’s continue with its promotional foreplay. Today the official website launched. You can check it out at TheDarkKnightRises.com, and you really should because it’s full of videos, images, wallpapers and tons of info about the flick.

But if you want some new video right now, then watch this TV spot. It feature some new footage of the feline fatale, Catwoman, and I know you can’t say no to her.

I’m telling ya, Anne Hatheway seems just purrrr-fect for the role! And I’d like to note it took me this long to make that lame joke. Do you think her Catwoman is gonna be a highlight of the movie?

Hit the jump to learn more about Batman’s new toys as well as Bane’s mysterious device.

With every new Batman movie there comes a line of new gadgets and vehicles. In The Dark Knight Rises, Bats has a new airship, called simply The Bat, as well as an EMP gun. We also know Bane has some secret new device that he’ll be using to wreak havoc all over Gotham. Want to learn more about ’em? This information comes from The Dark Knight Manual : Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Documents from the Batcave tie-in book, but take heed, there could very be spoilers below,

THE BAT – Lucius Fox encouraged the use of a prototype air vehicle that Wayne Enterprises once developed for the Department of Defense. It was created as a tool for urban pacification and could handle tight geometric maneuvers between buildings without recirculation. Fox dubbed it “the Bat.” the craft has large propellers on either side of its undercarriage, which create a vortex of air and lift the vehicle off the ground. The dual rotor downdraft from the propellers can also function as a weapon. The cyclonic winds from the spinning blades have the power to force individuals to the ground and cause general disruption to an area. The Bat’s autopilot function, which effectively kills the floodlights and shuts down the craft’s main engines, allowing it to quietly hover through sensitive areas, is currently disabled.

EMP DEVICE – In order to effect a communications blackout, a device is used that delivers an electromagnetic pulse that can disrupt electronic equipment. The pulse is able to activate and deactivate at a preset time for the requested length needed. this gadget effectively cancels all closed-circuit camera feeds as well as cellular transmission, whith a predetermined distance. It must, however, be within close proximity of the area that it is affecting in order to remain effective.

WAYNE ENTERPRISES FUSION REACTOR – One such project is a clean fuel source – a new kind of safe energy poised to change the world: a fusion reactor that produces zero radiation and uses no fossil fuels. Rigorous testing is underway to eliminate all potential complications prior to launching the reactor on a global scale. Many aspects of this project are classified due to their sensitive nature.

The reactor is kept below Wayne Enterprises recycling plant located on the Gotham River. In the event of a security breach or, in a worst-case scenario, a meltdown, the reactor can be flooded and cooled down before it reaches a critical point. Tubing and shaft-ways lead directly to the device and can funnel river water into the reactor’s core were its temperature to reach critical levels. Entry into the reactor is marked by a tamper-proof fingerprint identifier to prevent infiltration.

There’s your fill of Dark Knight Rises tidbits to get you through the weekend. Have you already bought you tickets for the flick? Plan on attending the Trilogy marathon? Let us know in the comments!

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