Alan Moore Goes Ballistic in Fan-Made Documentary

“Hello. My name is Alan Moore. You stole my copyrights. Prepare to die.”

If you know Alan Moore, you know of his infamous and boundless rage when it comes to all things having to do with adapting, adopting or expanding upon his works.  With his Watchmen series, he gets to express his anger in stereo, hating on both the 2009 movie and the prequels being currently released under the Before Watchmen title.  It’s quite understandable, this rage, since DC basically screwed him out of his copyrights on many occasions.  But how far would Moore go in order to gain back his control over those rights?

Some Moore-loyalist fans have put together a little pseudo-documentary on what they feel would have been Moore’s right course of action.  While it may not be entirely accurate with regards to historical events, it’s worth a laugh, especially for those who side with Moore in these matters.

Have a look:

This is only the first part in what is supposed to be a larger series.  Stay tuned for more updates on the Alan Moore killing spree to come.


Thanks to toplessrobot for spreading the good word.

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