Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained  aired a new trailer during the BET Awards on Sunday. The movie opens on December 25th 2012, and looks to be fun film. Some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters are brought together for this film.

What else is there to say about Django Unchained? It’s Quentin Tarantino for Pete’s sake! Everyone and their brother is gonna see this movie, and who is Pete anyways? What the hell does he know that we should worry about his sake? The only “Pete” this Nerdbastard would listen to is Pete and Pete. You know these guys:

They knew what was what and how to take care of business.

A synopsis for the movie is below.

A former slave and a German bounty hunter become unlikely allies in the battle against a tyrannical plantation owner in this western from visionary director Quentin Tarantino. Two years before the Civil War pits brother-against-brother, German-born fugitive hunter Dr. King Schultz (Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz) arrives in America determined to capture the outlaw Brittle Brothers dead or alive. In the midst of his search, Dr. Schultz crosses paths with Django (Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx), a freed slave and skilled tracker who seeks to rescue his beloved wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) from ruthless plantation owner Calvin Candie (Academy Award-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio). Once Django has aided Dr. Schultz in capturing the Brittle Brothers, the two team up to capture some of the most wanted men in the South. Meanwhile, Django never loses sight of his mission to free Broomhilda from the treacherous slave trade before it’s too late. Upon arriving at Candie’s nefarious plantation, dubbed Candyland, Django and Dr. Schultz discover that slaves are being groomed for gladiator-like competitions by Candie’s malevolent right-hand man Billy Crash (Walton Goggins), and skillfully work their way onto the compound for a closer look. But just as Django and his partner locate Broomhilda and plot a daring escape, Candie’s house slave Stephen (Academy Award-nominee Samuel L. Jackson) catches wind of their plan, and informs his master of the betrayal. Now, as a clandestine organization attempts to back them into a corner, Django and Dr. Schultz will have to come out pistols blazing if they ever hope to free Broomhilda from Candyland and the clutches of its vile proprietor.


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