Goddammit! Another discouraging revelation from Amazing Spider-Man has been revealed. Early reviewers are citing the most famous Spider-Man quote  “With Great Power  Comes Great Responsibility”  isn’t uttered in the movie. Good lord! The mantra is known by every Spidey fan out there, and is an essential part of Peter Parker’s journey to becoming a hero. Why, oh why, would director Marc Webb decide to leave that out?

Webb (via an interview with MTV) explains:

“We played around with the idea of using it, but ultimately it felt like it was in the subtext of the film in so many places. I think we’ve all heard it so many times that I didn’t think that it was necessary to use. Uncle Ben, of course, issues a statement using some of the similar words to kind of convey that idea.

There were moments where we thought about using it, but it didn’t feel as emotionally honest to the scenes and to the sequences. We were trying to create something more naturalistic. Because we had seen it so many times before, I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary.”

What stupid reasoning. That wold  be like removing the “S” from Superman’s chest and saying “We all know the “S” represents how super he is. It isn’t really necessary for it to be seen”. Ridiculous!

Am I overreacting? Would I have a noticed the quotes absence had someone not pointed it out?  Perhaps. But, consciously ignoring the quote means Marc Webb is ignoring  the essence of Spider-Man. The quote may be redundant, but fans expect to hear it.


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