Bizarro BastardNerd am here show you old animated Superman long.

OK, that’s enough of that. Bizarro typing am making my head hurt. Rob Pratt is back at it again taking on one of his childhood loves and translating it into an animated short that will wow you as well as charm your socks off.

This second short (The first short is below to take a look at as well) also harkens back to the Max Fleischer Studio’s original animated Superman serials that ran in theaters from 1941 – 1943.

The Adventures of Superboy actor John Newton is back playing both Superman and Bizarro this time. Check out the video below for the short and some interesting tidbits like how they chose to record Bizarro’s single line of dialogue backwards!

What do you think, does this deserve a longer treatment? This Nerdbastard would love to see a full version DVD in this style done.


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